Yvonne Davis, a retired primary school headteacher from Hertfordshire, has started a Go Fund Me campaign to give every secondary school in the UK a copy of 100 Great Black Britons book.

Statement from Yvonne Davis:
It is with great pleasure to deliver a copy of 100Great Black Britons and associated poster to celebrate the contributions of Black Britons.The tool is to inform and to educate all pupils and adults through the life stories of our forefathers and contemporary figures.I believe this will inspire all children to achieve and to be resilient and determined when faced with challenges.It is hoped the historical journey will open conversations about equality and achievement. The campaign will continue until the objective has been reached for all secondary schools in the UK to receive a copy and poster.

Please use this from to claim a copy of the book for your school.

(You should be an official representative of the school – if you are not please forward this page link to your school).

Only one copy of the book per school, books will be distributed throughout the campaign.

If you would also like to support the campaign here is the Go Fund Me page link.

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